Top Review Generating Platforms for Your Law Firm

Looking for the best review generating platforms for your law firm? Reviews are a great way to improve your business. Studies have shown that 92% of B2B buyers are more likely to purchase after reading a trusted review.

But you should understand that getting reviews from just any website is not enough. Your prospective clients will be on the lookout for reviews from top platforms. For example, a client is more likely to trust a review from Google than other review websites. Therefore, it is crucial to locate top review generating platforms. 

Review platforms vary based on niches. A review platform may offer multiple reviews in different fields, but it’s best to stick to a platform that focuses on your niche. 

The same is true of lawyer reviews; there are review sites that are geared toward law firms only. These sites will strengthen your firm’s reputation and increase a prospective client’s chances of coming your way.

However, there are general sites you must also create profiles on as an attorney. The credibility of these sites is equally as efficient as sites that are solely designed for law firms

Let’s take a look at some of these review sites and how you can optimize them to the advantage of your law firm. 


Google is the number one search engine in the world and the most dependable review platform. It is the most popular and reliable channel people turn to for reviews. Currently, Google accounts for 57.5% of all reviews worldwide, and 74% of local businesses have at least one review on Google. 

People go to Google for anything they need; prospective clients will undoubtedly visit Google before checking other platforms. Therefore, it’s vital to build strong reviews there. 


Facebook is the world’s biggest social media platform, with 2.74 billion monthly active users, and the third most visited website globally, right after Google and Youtube. If you had to choose one review platform for your law firm, then it should be Facebook. 

36% of people worldwide get news from Facebook; this proves how widely used and dependable it is. Imagine having over a thousand reviews with your link directly posted—your law practice will be booming with clients. 

Facebook is more of a community than a social platform; people are always seeking recommendations. Therefore, you must ensure that you build high ratings and reviews. 


All attorneys probably know what Avvo is. It is a review platform that tends to the needs of lawyers and the general public. This online platform offers attorney referrals and client reviews, among other things. 

Despite the hate a few lawyers might have towards Avvo, it is a legitimate platform that people check when they need legal services. Ensure you have your listing well set up and record strong reviews. 

Law Review 

Law Review is designed to help attorneys get reviews quite fast. It is an “automated feedback platform that allows lawyers to engage their clients in testimonials and online reviews conveniently.” 

Simply put, Law Review automates review requests and proceeds to drive clients to your landing page—a fast and straightforward approach to getting reviews. 

Law Review monitors your Net Promoter Score and assesses your reviews. This assessment translates what your feedback and reviews mean for your law practice. From this point, your best reviews are converted to testimonials on your website. 

Interested in knowing how Law Review fully works? Click here. 


Justia is a credible and esteemed company that specializes in website design and legal information retrieval. Don’t be deterred by their multi-functionality; this website offers top reviews for attorneys. 

Justia recently created a feature called “peer-to-peer review system.” This system enables lawyers to comment on the services of their fellow attorneys. This allows potential clients to get reviews not just from the general public but from other lawyers. 

This added feature also reveals the professionalism of each attorney based on the opinions of their equals. This extra feedback can go a long way. You should garner strong reviews on this site. is another review management software that is ideal for law practice. Although the software doesn’t focus solely on law reviews, it is a reliable review platform that sends you real-time updates when you receive a new review. 

Additionally, this platform can save you the stress of creating review reminders. When you create a profile on, you can create automated review campaigns for your clients through SMS, printed cards, or emails. 

Then, proceeds to share your positive reviews directly to your website as testimonials. 


Just like Avvo, FindLaw’s methods are not entirely appealing to lawyers. But you have to put that aside and focus on the goal: getting more reviews for your law practice.

Prospective customers will be looking for attorneys with high ratings and top reviews on this platform. Ignore the company’s marketing strategy and focus on gathering strong reviews, so you can expand your client base. 


With ReviewPush, you can receive notifications in your email when reviews are published on your law firm. Additionally, you can instantly respond to these emails. This way, you can immediately respond to negative reviews and take control of the situation. 

Furthermore, ReviewPush scans the web and ensures you have a review page on major review platforms. This multi-site monitoring feature keeps you in control of all reviews regardless of the channel where they are posted. is an attorney-tailored website that is designed to help the public find credible lawyers. The website, run by Martindale-Hubbell, has over 15 million visits per month. These staggering numbers reveal the credibility level of this site. 

Aside from offering ratings and reviews, the site offers a unique forum called “Ask a Lawyer.” People can ask general questions about legal topics on this forum, and the answers are published on the home page. also offers a peer-to-peer review system. 

By getting strong reviews and ratings on this site, your client base will undoubtedly increase, and your law practice will have a strong reputation. 

Final Thoughts

Reviews are crucial to the success of your law firm. The only way you can get these reviews is to create a profile on top review-generating platforms. You don’t necessarily have to create a profile on all the above-listed sites. You can pick three or four sites that work for your law firm and garner strong reviews. 

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