A true SEO Expert helping law firms sign better cases since 2008.

Casey was able to increase our lead volume by over 400%

– Andy Gillin, GJEL Accident Attorneys

My Journey Becoming a Law Firm SEO Expert

My SEO career really started in 2001 when a defense contractor client of mine needed a website overnight. Within a matter of days I was able to use my HTML knowledge and build a website that met their needs. But that was just the beginning.

In 2008 I worked with Intuit [The maker of Quickbooks] to build their SEO program for their small business division helping hundreds of clients.

Right around the time I left Intuit my mom was stuck in a legal dispute with a company she invested in. Not having any legal council she turned to a family friend who was not a very good attorney. This was the start of my lightbulb “ah-ha” moment. People I loved had issues finding good help when they needed it. This started me off on a personal journey to help great attorneys find great clients.

In 2011 I started Ethical SEO Consulting which became Juris Digital a law firm digital marketing company that exclusively helps attorneys. In 2020 I expanded the Juris Digital brand by acquiring BlackFin another digital marketing agency that exclusively helps attorneys get found online.

These days I only personally work with law firms who are serious about their SEO and understand the value it can bring to their firm when done right. I also actively promote GREAT SEO and talk crap about all of the bad SEO I see out in the SERPs.

Here are just some of the things I like to brag about:

Owned organic rankings for “Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer” for 5+ years

Helped increase a law firm’s lead volume by over 4,000% in 12 months

Developed and implemented SEO plans generating $1M + in organic traffic value a month

Helped law firms make over $1 Billion Dollars