Introduction to Law Firm SEO Audits

Law firms, like any other business, rely on effective marketing strategies to attract potential clients and establish their online presence. In today’s digital age, search engine optimization (SEO) plays a crucial role in ensuring that law firms are visible to their target audience when they search for legal services online. However, simply having a website … Read More

SEO Services for Attorneys

In today’s digital age, having a strong online presence is crucial for businesses across all industries, and the legal profession is no exception. As the legal landscape becomes increasingly competitive, law firms and individual lawyers need to adopt effective strategies to ensure their services are visible to potential clients. This is where Search Engine Optimization … Read More

Link Building for Law Firms: 2023 Guide

There are many ways that law firms can build links to their website. Some effective strategies include: But in 2023 you may not really need to focus on links at all. Here are some reasons you shouldn’t focus on link building. While link building can be a valuable part of an SEO strategy, it is … Read More

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Google My Business Launches Tool to Manage Review Removal Requests

Google reviews often present online reputation problems for businesses since anyone can leave a review at any time. While it’s awesome for businesses that get positive reviews, it won’t help you turn things around if another review on your Google Business listing is a negative one. The important thing to do is remove erroneous and … Read More

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Local SEO Pricing

One of the best ways to get people into your law firm is by having a well-maintained web presence. Even once you have people through the door, over 37% of clients will research their law firm online for more than one day.  Local SEO pricing can be affected by many factors, but the overall results … Read More

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Why Law Firms Need to Market Online

In today’s digital age, everything revolves around the internet. This is why promoting your business online is how you can compete in today’s digital economy. And law firms are not left out of this.  Online marketing presents a great platform for lawyers to create awareness for their firms and sustain their existing clients’ relationships. Starting … Read More

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