Local SEO Pricing

One of the best ways to get people into your law firm is by having a well-maintained web presence. Even once you have people through the door, over 37% of clients will research their law firm online for more than one day. 

Local SEO pricing can be affected by many factors, but the overall results will drive more customers to your law firm, ready to take action.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is the position your business ranks when someone searches for your services in your area. When it is fully optimized, your business will show up higher every time someone searches for what you offer in your city and area. This ranking helps you gain an advantage on the competition by allowing more potential customers to see your business first. 

How Does Local SEO Work?

Local search engine optimization uses established SEO methods to increase the chance of potential customers seeing your firm when they search for your legal services in your area. The main methods used to acquire these higher search results are your website, social media, and citations and links.


Search engines look for a well-maintained website with the right mix of keywords and activity. You will want to make sure that the site for your firm offers customers accurate and up-to-date information. Having high-quality content about your business on your website maximizes your SEO. 

Out of date information, dead links, and images that don’t load, make it harder for your site to get recognized by search engines. Make sure that everything on your site works and is factually accurate. 

Social Media

Active social media accounts also help your local SEO. It can be challenging for you to keep up a presence, but if you get customers to start talking about the business for you, that can help your profile with the minimal effort.

Generating a social media community can involve letting existing customers know you have social media pages, running social media-specific specials, and holding social media-based contests for prizes.

Citations and Links 

One of the most important factors in local SEO is citations and links on other sites. Search engines like to see that other sites on the web have mentioned your business. A good citation will mention your company’s name, phone number and address. It is vital that all this information matches in each result. 

The more well respected and high quality the site that links to yours is, the more weighted the search result is. To gain better SEO, your company will have to get and maintain links from popular sites with good reputations in your area.

Things that Affect Local SEO Pricing

Local SEO cost can change significantly depending on many factors. Every situation is unique, so you have to consider your specific business needs to help it thrive in the market. You will want to think about a few things before you set your local SEO budget. 

You Need Local SEO for Every Office Location 

You have to maximize your SEO for each location your firm has. The results are local, meaning they require city and state information. If you have an office in multiple places, you want your firm to rank high for each city and area. 

The number of locations you have will increase how many citations and links you need to cover each different spot. The local SEO pricing will increase with every location.

The Number of Unique Services You Offer 

You want your customers to find your firm for every service you offer. You will want to stay high in the SEO for many of the different common search phrases for the law you practice. For example, a family law firm would want to rate high when people search family law, child custody law, and prenuptial agreements near me.

The more services you offer, the more keywords you’ll want to have optimized. It will put you in front of more customers when they search for specific items.

How Saturated the Market is in Your Area 

The higher your search result, the more likely people will see your business, before finding a competitor or online option first. If your area has a lot of competitors, you will need more links and citations to compete. 

Conversely, if you are a niche practice or your area lacks competition, it will be easier to maximize your SEO. There will be fewer companies trying to get and maintain the coveted top spots on the search engine page. Less direct competitors will help make local SEO less costly for your business. 

Your Current Local SEO Standing

What has your business done up to this point with local SEO? There are a few different states your business can currently be in when it comes to local SEO. 

  • Bad Local SEO: This results from a history of improper citations that list multiple addresses, phone numbers, and names. It is the worst scenario because it will take time to clean up the negative results.
  • Little to no local SEO for an established business: This is a good position for your business. You will be able to use your history to help create a healthy and positive SEO. It will take work, but you will see results fairly quickly. 
  • Good local SEO currently: Your company’s been doing everything right, and you want to increase on an already solid foundation. Your company will see the best results in a short time.
  • Brand new business: When you’re brand new, gaining a good reputation can be tricky. However, with positive Local SEO methods, you should see an increase in traffic fairly soon.

How Much Will Local SEO Cost You?

When looking at local SEO pricing, you will have to consider all the factors listed above. Each item will change the price to accomplish real goals for your business SEO. The cost of fixing and maintaining a company’s local SEO falls between $1,500 to $2,300 per month. 

A few simple questions will be all it takes to figure out local SEO services pricing for your specific business to maximize your ranking. Talk to our friendly consultants at Juris Digital for more information today. 

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