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Top Review Generating Platforms for Your Law Firm

Looking for the best review generating platforms for your law firm? Reviews are a great way to improve your business. Studies have shown that 92% of B2B buyers are more likely to purchase after reading a trusted review. But you should understand that getting reviews from just any website is not enough. Your prospective clients … Read More

How to Get More Reviews for Your Law Practice

Not so far back, people who needed attorneys would ask their friends, families, or relatives about their family attorney and operations. After multiple recommendations, then the person would proceed to hire the attorney.  Fast forward to 2021, an ultra-modern and digitalized world—from what we can see so far—where people do not want to engage in … Read More

How to Get More Online Reviews for Your Law Firm

The importance of online reviews for your law practice cannot be overemphasized. The idea of not needing online reviews because you’re an attorney is entirely false. As much as local businesses need online reviews, your law firm needs them too.  Here are some online review statistics to pay attention to:  68% of millennials trust online … Read More

Why Law Firms Need to Market Online

In today’s digital age, everything revolves around the internet. This is why promoting your business online is how you can compete in today’s digital economy. And law firms are not left out of this.  Online marketing presents a great platform for lawyers to create awareness for their firms and sustain their existing clients’ relationships. Starting … Read More

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Does blog length matter for law firms?

If you talk to an SEO, blog length matters. If you listen to Google, blog length doesn’t. Blog length matters for law firms only if you want outrank your competitors and be recognized as the authority on a topic. If not, then I suppose blog length does not matter.